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Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic treatments: de-stress, detoxify, heal or just relax?

Sri Lankan ayurvedic medicine has a long history. People from all around the world come to Sri Lanka to experience its unique healing and refreshing power.

In Gadadessa, a third-generation ayurvedic doctor will tailor his treatment to guests’ needs, whether to address particular ailments or effect specific outcome, to generally de-stress and detoxify, or simply to relax and enjoy the moment…through massage, specially prepared ayurvedic meals, treatments or a combination of these, it is our aim for guests to leave Gadedessa feeling rejuvenated, invigorated, and feeling healthier.

Most of the medicinal herbs and spices that are a part of the ayurvedic treatment are grown on-site, adhering to strict organic gardening principles. Foods prepared with these herbs and spices often include less common vegetables and fruits that are known for their curative and restorative powers, and were once commonplace in Sri Lanka’s villages.

Gadadessa has Sri Lankan ayurvedic treatments for foreigners & local customers to realx with the ayurvedic treatments, ayurvedic meals or combination of both ayurvedic treatments & meals