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Solar Power

Both the Octagon House and Base Camp use Solar Energy to Generate Electricity to Light the Houses and Heat Water. Water is Heated Using Vacuum Tube Technology. The Electricity for the Octagon House Uses Ten 24 Volt Panels to Generate Electricity. Eight Deep Cycle Batteries then Store Electricity to be Converted by 2.5 kv Outback Inverter to 230 Volts. Utilities that Require High Amperage for a Short Amount of time (E.G. Ovens) cannot use Solar Energy to Power It. Although Solar Power Generation Is Economical, It Only Generates During The Day. So Batteries Are Needed to Store the Electricity, because the Energy needs to be used at Night. This Paradox is What Makes Installing Solar Energy so Expensive.

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Wind power

Wind Power is the Conversion of Wind Energy into a Useful Form of Energy, Such as Using: Wind Turbines to Make Electricity. A one Kilowatt System Charges the Battery. You can see the Wind Turbine at Base Camp.

  • Solar Power


Hydroelectricity is the term Referring to Electricity Generated by Hydropower; The Production of Electrical Power Through the use of the Gravitational Force of Falling or Flowing Water. We Have Made the “Diya Pokuna” Pond to Store the Water and then Divert Some of the Flow Through a 200 Meter Tunnel so the Water Will Generate Enough Force to Turn Electricity-Generating Turbines.

Gadadessa Resort is with an Eco Solar Energy System for a Nature Friendly Resort. Gadadessa Luxury boutique Hotel powered by an economical and eco friendly solar energy system